07 Aug

Our Hungarian client bought an ELAN sailing boat from a charter company in Croatia.

The underwater part was 1 cm thick with an unknown algae inhibitor.
We tried several ways to remove the algae inhibitor. Neither sand nor sandblasting is allowed in this marina. We did the work with Mirka sanding machines and ABRANET sanding net. It took days until the gel surface became clean. About 100-120 kg of hard, chunky algae inhibitor was included in the waste. Then we noticed that there is osmosis in several places. We uncovered them, repaired them with a 2-component filler under water ( Tikal Fast Patch ) and sanded them back.

The entire surface was smoothed with fine sanding, and then the Nautix A4 algae prevention primer was applied in 2 layers within 24 hours.

Afterwards, we roughened it with very fine sanding and applied the algae inhibitor in 2 layers within 24 hours.

A folding 3-blade propeller was also installed on the Volvo S120 sail drive.
The rig and sails were adjusted by another specialist. (Bali Performance)
By 1-1.5 kts, the sailing vessel has a better ride.

Pictures before work:

During and after work: